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THERE IS MUCH TO FEAR! ? ARE WE IN THE GRIP OF EARTHLY AND OTHERWORLDLY MIND CONTROLLERS? THOUSANDS HAVE BECOME ENSLAVED IN THE MATRIX OF THE MIND Are you or someone you know a victim of electronic warfare? Big Brother?s covert electronic Mind Control Program operates at the speed of light and can torture, kill and enslave ANYONE ANYWHERE! If you are a whistle-blower, an intelligence operative or more or less just an ?everyday? citizen, you had better look behind your back. Is someone watching us through our TV set? Is our phone bugged 24/7? Is that a mental stun gun in your pocket or have you just missed me? How about the unmarked black helicopter or the satellite that passes over at the same time twice a day? ++ HERE ARE TERRIFYING CASE STUDIES! ++ DOZENS OF FRIGHTENING METHODS THAT CAN ZOMBIE-FI YOU! ++ Plus! ? PATENTS AND INVENTIONS YOU CAN OBTAIN OR CONSTRUCT THAT CAN SHIELD AND PROTECT YOU FROM THE EVIL DOERS! Plus, there is the story of international model and talk show host Candy Jones, who was actually possessed and commanded to perform ?their? wicked deeds. Briton Colin Bennett explained Candy?s background this way in an article for the UK?s ?Fortean Times?: ?Candy, as Arlene (one of her multiple personalities), was sent to Taiwan at least twice on test missions, delivering envelopes. There, she was tortured with electric prods to see if she would crack; she did not. Deeply perverted sexuality appears to have been an implicit element in the covert agenda. In episodes which are disturbing to read, she was frequently stripped, put to bed, drugged, hypnotized and tortured by various parties, including by Americans on American soil. She was put onto medical examination tables, suffered Gestapo-like interrogations, and was sexually toyed with by women against her will. Sexual approaches were made under hypnosis by (a doctor) Jensen, but Candy appears to have fought him off.? Emmy Award winner Tim R. Swartz unravels the Candy Jones saga in all its paranoid glory. Furthermore, collaborator Sean Casteel takes us deep into the Abduction Phenomenon to weed out the truth from the fiction. Are UFO encounters all that they seem? Many claim to have been unmercifully probed, humiliated and examined. Are the ?Greys,? as they have been identified, operating alone, or are they assisted by the military, who may have joined up with them? Or is something even more sinister afoot? States Casteel: ?There are a few alternative explanations for the phenomenon, the most prevalent being that the experience does not involve actual aliens at all but is instead a complex, human-driven tool used for purposes of mind control. It is said that the abduction approach is actually a cover story intended to conceal something even more disturbing than aliens, that being an encroachment on the very souls of those chosen to be victims of government and military experiments that seek to control the workings of the human brain itself for purposes of psychological warfare and for intelligence operations requiring a ?zombie? type agent who has no idea he is carrying out a covert mission at all.? ALSO EXPLORE THE TRICKSTERS OF BLACK FOREST, COLORADO Exclusive interview with dramatic photos of a house and its occupants literally ?possessed? and infringed upon by ?agents of unknown origin.? Here is the dramatic case study of Steven Lee and the true nature of his ?attack? by unconventional mind control weapons and possible intervention by the CIA. This story alone will blow your mind ? or whats left of it ? and make you a hard core believer!

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