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You and your family have limitlessness worth. As a Christian that places you high on my priorities. There has been a consuming drive over the past 4 years to understand how the Biblical plan and the World plan is being orchestrated to bring about the Tribulation, the New World Order, the end times. There has been thousands of hours spent searching outside the bounds of our local medias to get the full picture along with addressing pertinent scriptures regarding our day. Our nation is in the grips of the most ruthless group of individuals on the planet. The Rothschild Family is an Elitist clan that has shadowed the United States of America from our beginning. Their ethics are driven by Satan himself. Their god is wealth and power. Their goal is to establish a dynasty where they control the entire world. They have bought into the lie from the father of liars that they can and will conquer the entire globe and rule it. That means they will stop at nothing to accomplish this satanic quest. This book, MAN MADE CRISIS, seeks to take the veil off of the secret plotting that has already taken casualties. The mounting finale seeks to reduce 7 billion souls on this planet to only a few. MAN MADE CRISIS is attempting to inform and prepare freedom loving people her in the United States and around the globe. My job is to state the facts to you in such a manner that you take them seriously rather than shrug them off as lunacy. The WORD says that if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived. The reason they will not be deceived is the very fact that they are tuned into the one who foretold all this thousands of years ago. That makes it my job to warn you. To give you the World plan and the Biblical plan. And to present it in such a way that the veil will be pulled back so you can see clearly. The Rothschild Family is the primary owner of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve owners along with other globalists have placed their choice of individuals into the Oval Office and our Congress. Congress is cooperating, passing legislation that is meant to weaken our nation and society. This book goes into details of some of the weapons being forged against us. Climate Change, Terror, and Threats are the main elements to be used to forge a New World Order. Please examine the contents of this and the other 3 books. Take the appropriate actions to prepare for what is in the near future. Know that you are ready to meet your GOD. Make preparations to fill your pantry, you medicine chest, and take what assets you have and put them where you will not lose them. Anything that is written on paper will be worthless including the dollar bill. Biblically this is the year of JUBILEE. It is expected that a major financial crash could occur over the next few months. This is to be orchestrated by the Federal Reserve by taking interest rates up. Bank derivatives cannot take the pressure and the dominoes start to tumble. Wall Street will fall, banks will have to close their doors for a short time. Civil unrest is likely to allow the occupier of the Oval Office to declare Martial Law which will allow him to stay at the helm. Forcing Americans to accept their terms is the plan. They must weaken this nation if their plan to rule the world is to be accomplished. It has been my experience that my GOD always has the last word. Because you are being informed and are being allowed to inform others there is a scripture that comes to mind. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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