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Extreme weather and natural disasters are overwhelming the stability of the governments of the world, including the U.S. Ed and Jane Cayce find themselves no longer in a tranquil society dominated by television, shopping, convenient stores and mundane days at work, but rather in a world that is descending into chaos. With the of an ominous and cryptic journal sent by Jane’s estranged Physicist brother, Dr. Ludious Baine, they discover the recent natural disasters are not so natural. With no one to depend upon, but themselves, they’ll have to face the ultimate test of survival as the world ends around them. August Ending, though based on really unknown science is based on real science. It is a with global implications. The use of outlawed electromagnetic technology, particularly the manipulation of weather patterns, implemented for years now without the knowledge or consent of the world at large, outright banned by the U.N. in 1974 and yet touted cryptically by the U.S. military as the future of American Supremacy is surely not benign by nature or consequence. Developed, produced and broadcast by both the former Soviet Union and the United States, this secret electromagnetic warfare is changing patterns of the jet stream and upsetting an ancient natural balance of the earth, according to scientists, and has the potential to create planet-wide cataclysmic destruction; August Ending, a catastrophe story that uniquely approaches the character’s understanding of the events unfolding. How would survivors of apocalyptic calamity know what happened or why? The great undoing of society should be the final mystery with rumor, suspicion, confusion and unknowing running wild. Survival would be the only game.

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