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I know you are hearing all types of theories that are making you confused about our safety. You try to ignore them, but people whisper them in your ears so I thought the first thing to do would be to hit a few right away and reduce their credibility as we go along so you can begin to have a better appreciation of global stability and how we can “Save our Planet”. I love those little slogans just like you so I may say a few as we go along. We will also look at how to change the weather patterns of the earth outside these conspiracies. • Ozone Destruction Conspiracy- Some dodo head claimed that CO2 being poured into the atmosphere affected the amount of Ozone that protects us from UV-B rays from the sun so that everyone would get cancer because we have too much carbon dioxide. Ozone is made when one of the oxygen atoms of CO2 is knocked off and it attaches to regular oxygen. Without CO2—-no Ozone. • The Coal Conspiracy- Another knuckle head decided that one of the most benign energy absorbing molecules around, CO2, would absorb the sun’s energy and heat up the planet. Here is the kicker. They called it a green gas and it simply cannot absorb solar energy for heating AT ALL. The whole thing was predicated on a number of lies as sort of a cover up, but hopefully, I will be able to enlighten the reader on the absurdity and reasons we are seeing temporary and sporadic heating in the Arctic that these knuckleheads pull out to confound many. • Man made Global Warming Conspiracy- I know you have heard this one. Everything from letting Freon escape from your refrigerator, using underarm spray, and riding in a fuel guzzling jet were destroying our cool landscape. A Senator is now trying to put people in jail that won’t stop using their automobiles or heating with nasty coal. The ones he really wants in jail are the oil company officials as he has this conspiracy in his head that oil company magicians somehow make those yelling about mankind burning up the earth with jet-fuel look like idiots using data that should not be allowed to be used. • Venusian Greenhouse Catastrophe Conspiracy- You won’t believe this one unless you heard it before and had been drinking. One group called NOAA said because Venus has CO2 on it, whatever made it get hot must have been runaway temperature caused by that CO2, again calling it a greenhouse gas. Then they added the kicker— if someone makes electricity with coal our planet will burn up just like Venus. They continue with even more craziness. “Carbon dioxide is increasing so fast we will be in a thermal runaway condition in a few years unless we stop using coal and gas immediately.” Can you imagine the criminal audacity and ignorance? Anyway, We will look at all of these and a few more as we find the sun, Ionosphere Heating systems around the world and even somewhat mundane things called chemtrails do the real heating. This book provides the details so you can be an informed evaluator on this important subject.

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