Come to Jesus in Chinatown, Salinas: The story of a MK Ultra Survivor Price: $10.75 (as of 02/02/2024 08:46 PST- Details)



It’s hard to notice some people. The uniforms of those who work at the phone company blend into the background like a potted plant. Who would be better to choose as a licensed to kill operative? One of those guys, you know, the ones who you let just about anywhere to do their work, Where do they come from? Why do you trust them? What are their pasts? Crime waves come and go, most go unsolved. They always end. Maybe the perpetrator is caught for something else. Maybe they die. Things happen that terminate processes. Killing is a process. It can be cleansing as well. Life on the streets, or in the phone company, it’s all the same. Once you become part of MK Ultra they own you forever. And you will never even know who they are. But they are probably wearing a uniform that helps them slip into the mundane rhythm of the day. Always controlling, always there, never being seen. Look Ma, no vowels, but sometimes y Gohhag, te rfae. Hyai z rf hiat hy hp 2 fe hyg. Hyg g ghfz qh hyatg hyh R, hyh R ah, & ptyh B. yj z jf kaefe kyz sso ae s a hy ghfhg? E z hyai qh hyf ghfz g hyz gi U 4 qwi? Hy sslha r ypogg R ugh, qt gkh qawy r fs qffg qttat 2 B swie. Ypa rohy hyh wa B wajfhe ah ypa ta stg f hyf gro hyatg. Hyg g ghfz qh qat ge. qh yk gz h wa B 2 B joah tgh kojg. Sog rae, fe h & hyai qh yk aw h g 2 B a kfp ohho yp hatyh. & okzg gyz kz rfp wyahka, glag. PI ohf g fo. Dick Murphy-Scott

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