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Once again, Josh Baker and Eddie Debord find themselves among the hills, hollows, and rivers of West Virginia in yet another fast paced adventure mystery! What started out as a quiet week of camping during a beautiful “Indian Summer” over Thanksgiving break—ends up as an inexplicable week of suspense, mystery, adventure, and intrigue. The boys are the first responders to a crashed airplane deep within the woods. It doesn’t take long to find out that this C-47 Skytrain had gone down in 1953 and was carrying a very mysterious and highly sensitive cargo. Very quickly, the CIA takes control of the crash site as Josh and Eddie find themselves under the microscope of the agency (for a very good reason!)! There are men in dark clothing watching them from around every corner. They seek the help of some familiar friends and some new acquaintances as well, while trying to find out what this mysterious cargo is and why it is still so important today. Thinking the CIA could be their worst nightmare, the boys could not have been more wrong. Who comes to town next will stop at nothing to reclaim what they say is theirs, and they are quick to prove it! Ultimately, Josh, Eddie and Brad must decide whether to let this one go, or to once again risk their lives to see it through. One thing is for sure…they cannot allow the cargo to fall into the wrong hands! …Be careful wishing for big adventures…one may find you!!!

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