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A successful conference took place on the 11th July 2015, at Woodbridge Community Centre, Suffolk, United Kingdom, involving a talk by retired USAF Colonel Charles Irwin Halt (who was previously a Deputy Base Commander at RAF Woodbridge, during the 1980s) with regard to his involvement following reports of activity over the airbase.

Unfortunately, the publicised event, which was organised by Mr. John Hanson (publisher of the Haunted Skies series of books) together with Mrs. Brenda Butler, was overshadowed by threats of disruption posted by a number of people, who clearly felt that this lecture should not take place.

Following the event, Charles Halt then asked retired UK Police Officer – John Hanson, if he would be interested in publishing a book documenting the facts from his personal perspective, rather than reported inaccuracies.

John agreed, believing that it would allow him the opportunity to include other UFO sightings reported in the Suffolk (UK) area – together with some ‘classic’ British UFO encounters from other parts of the country.This would then illustrate that, contrary to the media’s perception, the airmen were not the only ones to encounter something out of the ordinary.The foreword to this book was submitted by Mr. Nick Pope, (author and lecturer of the UFO subject) who was previously an employee of the British Ministry of Defence, but now living in the United States.At the conclusion of this book is an afterword submitted by Mr. Robert Hastings (an author and UFO researcher).The book forms part of a unique series devoted to recording the social history of mysterious and bizarre events that have occurred during the 20th Century. It is enhanced by a huge number of illustrations and photographs, in colour, and includes candid opinions expressed by Nick Pope, Charles Halt, Jim Penniston and others, in order to set the record straight, despite continuing threats from those members of the UFO fraternity who had strong reservations about the publication of this book.

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