Tesla: A Child of Light

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Nikola Tesla is a dreamer with a poetic touch. Childhood experiments with his father Milutin lead to a lifetime of extra sensory perception and an ability to perceive inventions in his mind before committing his creations to existence. At age 12 he visualizes the principle of a rotating magnetic field. Nikola develops plans for an induction motor that becomes his first step toward the successful utilization of alternating current. The scientist has few allies. Mark Twain is one of the friends he trusts. Tesla never has a home in America, choosing instead to live in hotels. His ‘battle of the currents’ with Edison is touched upon in our story. During the final decades of his life, Tesla withdraws in a New York hotel, only granting interviews and making annual public appearances on his birthdays. At these press conferences he proposes future inventions, but his accounts are frequently distorted by the popular press. When he mentions contacting aliens using his free energy device, American media misquotes him as saying he is a ‘well known leader sent from Venus to aid mankind’. After Tesla dies in 1943, the FBI discover his proposals for advanced weaponry. Men in Black Barnes and Tanner search for information about the ‘death ray machine’ as world conflict is impending. If Nikola Tesla was given the task of saving human beings from self destruction, why did his mission fail?

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