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STATE OF SHOCK (SOS) by Jerry Mazza is the first book by an American poet to deal solely with 9/11 and the resulting Iraq and Afghanistan wars and their effect on the American psyche. These startling narrative and lyrical poems are an S O S to all to be aware of the dangers we presently face. With poems of bold imagery and rhythmic intensity, poet and journalist Mazza confronts the dangers head-on. His poems suggest that an operation with the magnitude of 9/11 was not the work of 19 Islamic “terrorists” but members of our own ruling elite to start “The War on Terror” in a grasp for Mid-Eastern oil and power. Additionally, Mazza believes the Towers were not toppled by fires caused by the “hijacked airliners” but rather by powerful internal explosions from within the Towers that preceeded the 10- second, free-fall crumbling of the buildings, literally at the speed of gravity. Beyond that, Mazza concludes that 9/11 constituted a form of coup d’etat by the Bush administration, the purpose to gain unprecedented powers for war-making and appropriations as well as for controlling civil dissent. As Daniel Estulin, author of the international best-seller, The True Story of the Group, writes in his foreward to Mazza’s State Of Shock . . . ” . . . I keep reminding myself that the pages of this book are a re-vindication of decency at the expense of cruelty and chance. For me, the main theme is not political nor is it an outspoken criticism of totalitarianism but rather the beating of a Man’s loving heart-and it is for the sake of this theme that it should be read . . . Anyone interested in the future of America and the world–anyone interested in the power of poetry for political activism and personal expression should read Jerry Mazza’s State Of Shock.

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