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This book, written in a novel format, is an depth look at ignored, real world, intelligence, societal, and governmental leadership failures happening in America today. These include (1) a lack of faith of “In God We Trust,” (2) The acceptance of Socialism and Welfare as more normal than standing in line to apply for a job, (3) The failure of the American Judicial System to punish people for crimes, and provide a system of “justice” for victims, (4) The failure of American military and civilian intelligence Systems to identify, track, and destroy terrorist operatives who own businesses in America, (5) The failure of our own intelligence and military intelligence community to identify that the largest weapon with threats to the American public is no longer the nuclear weapon, but is in fact weather and ELF Wave producing systems owned by Iran and the Soviet Union that could cause an earthquake on the Ramapo Fault Line, (6) that drugs are not only destroying our young children in schools, but are also destroying the lives of soldiers returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that drug dealers are murderers and deserve the same punishment, and (7) that our top government officials no longer see truth and transparency as important to the American people. As a short background to this, in the 1960’s, the Russian KGB (today known as the FSB) was active in the United States with the intention of destroying the country from within. Their intentions were to disrupt the financial, social, and political infrastructure without anyone knowing who was actually responsible. You know, prior to the downfall of the Roman empire, politicians sought to obtain the votes of the masses of people by often giving them a free supply of grain. This became known before the complete downfall as the tradition of providing “bread and circuses for the masses.” Why do we not learn from history? We, Christians, need to come together and pray for the changes that need to occur in this country to restore the order among people to where it should be. Men should work and provide from that work for their families. Men should fear God. As Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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