Secret Government Projects



Discover Secret Projects from DARPA, CIA, NASA, NSA… Yes, I realize that the government doesn’t like their secrets being revealed, but somebody had to do it! Wait till you see some of the photos (that I probably shouldn’t have), you will be shocked that this stuff really exists! The CIA Director claims that they no longer use waterboarding, but watch them bring it back just so they can use it on me! Don’t be surprised to find this site down in a few days. Yes, they can do that, they could even attack my servers with a drone! OK, now let’s get on with the revealing: You know those strange craft that have been spotted in our skies? The ones that we are unsure of what they are and whose they are? Well I’m going to tell you all about them. And give you info and photos of ones you’ve never seen and have no idea of what they are. I don’t care if DARPA gets mad at me. Now you’ve heard about the NSA and their spying on us that has been supposedly limited by Congress, I’ll now tell you the truth about what they are up to and what they are doing to you now and how they really have control over your computer! Not only spying on everything that you do, but damaging your computer if you use software that they don’t like! They have even claimed that they can easily kill you remotely! You’ll see what DARPA has been creating with billions of our tax payer dollars. You’ll see how some of these projects came from science fiction, dreams and nightmares of writers that no one even dreamed was possible, well now we have them! Are they going to be used against us, our enemies or the aliens? And speaking of aliens, you will see some stuff (I say “stuff” because I don’t know what to call it, it is beyond any descriptive category in my mind) that has to be from aliens. Back-engineered or built with help from the aliens. Did you read the fascinating book “Day After Roswell”? Well that was tame compared to what we are back-engineering today!

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