Sands of Time Book II



Part two of the epic story spanning over forty years in the life of Dr. Ted Humphrey and his involvement with , The Dulce Mesa Wars, The Montauk Project, Black ops, The shadow Government, and his meteoric rise to become head of an all powerful global organization engaged in a desperate and above top secret race against time to save our world. Beginning at the age of 17 when his father, a brilliant scientist with a mysterious past, disappears. Ted makes it his life’s quest to discover his father’s fate. This leads to him being drafted into a series of high-level government projects working on the most valuable piece of research equipment ever built…a machine that can move objects through SPACE and TIME. As Time Technology is developed, Ted is inexorably drawn into a world-wide web of mystery, intrigue, disinformation and power. He is taken inside an elite, clandestine group of men dedicated to hiding the truth from everyone outside a small tight-knit cabal of politicians, scientists and spooks; that forces from beyond the stars could lead to Earth’s destruction at some point after the galactic alignments of 2012. In a world where one mistake could be your last, Ted gets guidance from people further down and outside of the time stream, never knowing who he can trust, while still seeking to solve his father’s disappearance. SANDS OF TIME is truly remarkable. A rare and precious look behind the curtain of Covert Ops into the Black World of super-technology with enough hard science to convince even the most cynical skeptic. It solves so many of the mysteries that have baffled researchers since the Roswell crash in 1947, and shows us, once again, that all we have come to accept as reality, is wrong. Read this book and NEVER BE THE SAME!

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