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Dr. Randall Jenkins, astronomer at Stanford, discovers that NASA has concealed pictures of a rogue planet taken in 1983, kept from the public by reason of plausible deniability. Since he has worked on projects with President Winston Darcy, he tells him about the pictures. He is immediately dispatched to the New Zealand where a NASA astronomer had plotted the orbit of the planet, took pictures through a camera set up on New Zealand, gave the package to NASA. The package disappeared, and the astronomer died of cancer. A young astronomer living on the island tells Jenkins he has a copy of the package. When Jenkins asks for possession of the file, he warns him that he himself was shot without disclosing his possession of the file. After receiving the file Randall is accosted by a man who reluctantly gives him the name of the inside man in NASA. When the President Darcy sees the pictures, he immediately calls for the appearance of the NASA Administrator. When he fails to appear, he removes him from office and appoints the assistant administrator, Dr. Greenbrier as leader of NASA. Greenbrier finds the original copy and presents it to the President. Greenbrier explains that the planet is in the solar system and its gravitational force is already causing hurricanes and floods, including tsunamis. When Greenbrier is found floating in the Yukon River, the President calls on Dr. Jenkins to join a team to uncover the truth. Immediate reports claim that the Yellowstone caldaria is threatening to erupt, already the Rim of Fire is activated and dormant as well as new volcanoes are erupting. Jenkins explains that an eruption of the Yellowstone caldaria would spew ash and pumice, covering the sun and place the U.S. in total darkness. Crops would fail, people would starve. The UN is helpless. Fortunately the planet finally moves out of the solar system as the earth struggles to survive. Dr. Jenkins reports that the earth’s poles have reversed, and seasons are changed. Darcy has studies that the planet will survive, but is stunned by Jenkins report that Planet has a period of 3,600 years and will return.

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