Mind Stalkers: Mind Control Of The Masses

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THIS MAY BE THE MOST FRIGHTENING BOOK YOU WILL EVER READ! THE GOVERNMENT WOULD LIKE TO DESTROY THIS WORK, BUT THE AUTHORS AND PUBLISHER ARE DETERMINED TO GET THIS INFORMATION TO THE PUBLIC! WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED – OUR FREEDOM AND OUR LIVES MAY BE ON THE LINE! So says Commander X a retired military intelligence operative who has elected to go “public” with his astounding claims of having worked behind the locked gates of and been privy to a vast array of information on everything from captured craft to the latest anti gravity technology and the manufacturing of triangle-shaped “UFOs” that operate silently in our skies and are as large as a mile long. In Mind Stalkers – Mind Control of the Masses, Commander X teams up with television producer, radio talk show host and researcher Tim Swartz to provide the most hush-hush “classified” secrets on a subject that has been widely ignored by the press and misunderstood by the public. FAKED “ALIEN” ABDUCTIONS, ELF WAVES, DRUGS, MENTAL MANIPULATION . . . EQUALS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION! Here are “insider” findings on the sinister practice of Mind Control utilized by members of a secret group (some call them the New World Order or the ) to direct the Earth’s population for their own sinister benefits. Many abductees maintain that they have become part of an off-the-world program designed by ETs to infiltrate our society by using monitoring devices or implants. And while Commander X and Tim Swartz do not discount this possibility, they point out that the CIA and other “Agencies” have long practiced behavior modification with drugs, hypnosis and ELF waves and more recently with computer chips placed in the brains of “dissidents.” There can be no mistake – that the powers that be can subliminally implant thoughts in a person’s mind to control their actions, even utilizing telephones by impressing a coded message while negotiating with an individual. One of the most recent devices in this program of deception is the use of unmarked helicopters as a form of electronic mind control harassment. Here is all you need to know – regardless of if you are a believer or a control freak – about Mind Control in the 21th Century. Also included is a special update on MILAB-Mind Control and UFO Connection. This is serious stuff. Buy a copy and help break the back of the NWO!

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