Masonic Monitor of the Degrees of Entered Apprentice: Fellow Craft and Master Mason – together with the Ceremony of Installation, Laying Corner Stones, Dedications, Masonic Burial, Etc. Price: $6.30 (as of 02/02/2024 16:46 PST- Details)



A detailed account of Masonic rituals and traditions for the freemasonry movement. The book describes the burial ceremonies, installation ceremonies, laying corner stones and other ceremonies.

Grand Master Hicks: “It is the best Monitor to be found for Arkansas Masons.”

Grand Lecturer Oathout had the manuscript sent to his home that he might very carefully examine it, and he wrote: “I have carefully examined the manuscript of your Monitor twice over and cheerfully give my endorsement, believing it to be the best Monitor I have ever seen. I believe your work will be appreciated by the Craft in Arkansas when they examine the Monitor.”

Brother G. W. DeVaughan, Custodian of the Secret Work: “I am very much pleased with it.”

Brother W. M. Kent, the other custodian of the Secret Work: “Good; I want another copy.”

Our Senior Past Grand Master G. A. Dannelly, who was so long the Grand Lecturer, says: “I have read it carefully. In my judgment it is the best Monitor I ever saw. I heartily congratulate you on being the author of such a book. I recommend it to all the lodges. It would be well if every member would supply himself with a copy.”

Past Grand Master R. H. Taylor: “I have carefully reviewed it from opening to conclusion. It is a work of great merit, concise and clear, free and easy of style. It is not alone valuable and useful as a guide to Arkansas Masons, but to Masons everywhere. In fact if adopted by other Grand Jurisdictions, would simplify and beautify Masonic work. Every Mason in the State should own and study the Arkansas Monitor.”

Past Grand Master Sorrells, who made the motion in Grand Lodge to have the Monitor prepared, says: “I have examined it closely, and feel sure that it will meet the approbation of the Craft throughout this Jurisdiction.”

Past Grand Master Bridewell: “I have examined it and find it complete. To a newly made Mason it is indispensable, and if every one of them would get a copy immediately after their raising we would have brighter and better Masons. It would do a world of good if many of the older Masons would make it their ‘vade mecum.’ You have eliminated an immense quantity of useless matter contained in most Monitors, and that which you placed in lieu is clear and easily understood. The chapters on ‘Laying Corner Stones,’ ‘Dedicating Lodges,’ ‘Funerals,’ etc., will be appreciated by all who have those services to perform.”

Past Grand Master Baker: “Have examined it carefully and am well pleased. I think it conforms to the ancient usages of Masonry, and I feel sure that by the use of it we will have many more Masons in Arkansas who know something of lodge work. Every lodge ought to have at least three copies.”

Past Grand Master Harry Myers: “I have carefully examined your Monitor and consider it the best for our lodges possible to get. It is concise, yet comprehensive. It takes up the work and follows it in order. No lodge should be without it. I wish every Mason in the State would possess himself of this valuable addition to Masonic literature at once.”


Order of Business

Masonic Dates

Opening Prayer and Charge

Closing Prayer and Charge

Closing Ceremonies

Entered Apprentice

Fellow Craft

Master Mason

Grand Honors and Reception of Visitors

Election and Installation

Instituting Lodge

Constituting Lodge

Laying Corner Stones

Dedication of Hall


Lodge of Sorrow

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