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Do you want to discover the most treasured secrets of money magick?

In his latest book, acclaimed author Damon Brand presents an exclusive system for attracting money.

This proven magick works safely, without wands, herbs, incense or candles. There is no need to pay the spirits, and there is no karma or spiritual backlash. You get what you deserve, you get it fast and you get to spend it any way you want.

Where the Magickal Cashbook gave just one method for attracting a small burst of money, and Wealth Magick worked on long-term career enhancement, Magickal Riches contains practical rituals that continually manifest money.

Developed from ancient knowledge and modern occult technology, the major workings in this book have never been published before, in any form. The secrets of Magickal Riches have been crafted by The Gallery of Magick during the past thirty years.

You will discover:

* The Master Money Ritual, using a sigil that contains a pattern of magickal symbols.

* How to find your Secret Source of Money, to provide new streams of unexpected income.

* A Ritual To Increase Sales, for anybody who sells a product of any kind.

* A Ritual For Buying and Selling that ensures that you get the best deal when you are buying or selling anything, from a small item to a house or business.

* A ritual to Get Somebody To Pay Up. When you are owed money, use magick to get what belongs to you.

* The Genius Rituals, with a set of unique sigils to call on intelligent and helpful spirits.

* A ritual to Attract Money Through Perception, for trading shares, or to find out the best course of action in any money-making situation.

* The Chance Money Attraction ritual, employing the power of Nitika in harmony with other genius spirits, to bring money out of the blue.

* The Gambling Ritual, to increase your luck in lotteries and games of chance.

* A secret technique, never revealed until now, for adding extra energy to your magickal workings.

Damon Brand says, ‘Creating money with magick is one of the most direct and exciting ways to experience the raw power of the occult.’

If you are completely new to magick, be assured that this magick is safe and effective. It will work whether you believe in it or not. If you are an experienced occultist, you will discover many new secrets for manifesting money.

This exceptional work gives you all the knowledge, techniques, images and secret words that you need to unleash a flow of riches into your life.

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