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In the finest American tradition of bare-knuckle journalism, Clinton Confidential: The Climb to Power chronicles Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ambitious journey, starting with Clinton’s youth, through his days as an antiwar protester and draft resister at Georgetown University and Oxford University, to Yale Law School, where he meets his future bride and political partner, Hillary Rodham.

Bill Clinton lusted after the presidency at an early age. Every move he made seemed to be part of a cunning strategy to attain his ultimate tenancy of the White House. Starting with his first political gig as Arkansas’s attorney general, the reader gets an inside look at Clinton’s machinations that become increasingly Machiavellian throughout his five-term career as governor. As Hillary gains powerful influence in her own career, you learn how she secretly struggles to keep her star from outshining her husband’s.

Carpozi takes you through the long (and sometimes very funny) list of Clinton flip-flops and evasions. You quickly understand why the appellation “Slick Willie” dogged Clinton throughout his campaigns. You are the proverbial “fly on the wall” as the Clintons cut a wide, casualty-strewn path to the presidency, with Bill regularly shooting himself in the foot along the way.

Clinton Confidential intimately scrutinizes Clinton’s marriage, which has teetered perilously close to divorce, and reveals the steamy details of his numerous extramarital affairs.

Carpozi ushers the reader into the Clinton inner sanctum. For the first time, you’ll learn the real behind-the-scenes workings of the Whitewater scandal. You’ll discover the existence of the clandestine Society, the powerful international group that hand-selected Clinton for the presidency. The suppressed facts behind a multitude of mysterious deaths (are they murders?) are exposed, along with their links to Bill Clinton. The eye-opening truth behind the sexual harassment accusations of Paula Corbin Jones is pinned down, once and for all.

Clinton Confidential: The Climb to Power is an astonishingly frank analysis of our 42nd president and his wife. It shines a spotlight directly on the shadowy maneuverings the Clintons have fought hard to keep in the dark.

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