Blue Planet Project Trilogy – Blue Planet Project, Lost Chapters, Blue Planet Project Conspiracy – Extraterrestrials, UFOs



TRILOGY BOOK Aliens, UFOs, Government Conspiracies An amazing and 3-in1 Book! This BLUE PLANET PROJECT TRILOGY brings you the complete Blue Planet Project story! The Blue Planet Project book dates back to 1991 where it started out as a file of government secrets created by a government informer. This information on alien life forms and the government’s involvement with them and their technology was never to be released to the public and certain government agencies were very unhappy when it was first released in print. And then it became almost impossible to obtain and the anonymous author disappeared for many years. Then in 2014 the Blue Planet Project Lost Chapters book was released. This was recently discovered information that was meant to be included with the original Blue Planet Project but was too lengthy to fit in and was lost for many years. This included info on Alien pharmaceuticals, UFO propulsion systems and additional info on the aliens. Then in 2016 the anonymous author and government informer was discovered and without regard to personal risks, contact was made which led to a spilling-of-the-beans on how he obtained the info, amazing revelations that brought us up to date on this amazing book that set the UFO world on its toes as well as everything about his personal history and what his present situation is. All this latest astonishing info that answered all our questions was just recently published in a book titled Blue Planet Project . This is a totally amazing collection of information that is a must read for anyone who is intrigued by government cover-ups, aliens and UFOs and want answers! This giant book is comb-bound which allows it to open flat and makes it easy to work with and to study all the facts inside. 294 large 8.5″ x 11″ pages with many full color illustrations. If these 3 books were purchased separately it could cost up to $90.

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