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Everyone has a story to tell. That’s what I have been told. If I were to describe just who I am, the answer would be simple: I am you. I am the same as any one of you, and any of you could have written this story. I could tell you where I was born, where I grew up, where I went to school; but in all actuality, it doesn’t really matter because it could have been Any City, USA. My love for this country and my love of life inspired me to put pen to paper merely because I am dumbfounded with where we’ve ended up. If I were to break it down in the purest form of what the reason is, I would have to say it’s because of the shunning of factual information dismissed by the majority of the American public. As I wrote in the first two chapters of this book in detailed memories, it gives most of the individuals who have lived in my era a sense of how things have drastically changed. How they’ve become more complicated from a time when things were ever-so-simple-and how this was stolen from us by a very powerful group that still exists today. Yet, everyone just stands by and continues to endure the injustices to our human race across the globe. The family in this book portrays hope for the future. Their courageous struggle finds you rooting for the good guys like sitting in some theatre, biting your fingernails to the very end. The irony is that the timeline follows exactly with what is going on in today’s world. Our heroes have all been killed and the evildoers who have a plan for us must be stopped without question. The book lends the questions, “Did Jim Garrison-the only man who brought a trial in the Kennedy assassination against big government-do enough to stop those forces and bring justice to our world? Have we all done enough?” I close my eyes and dream of those easy-going days of old, when dinners were the most important time of day, when families came first in our lives. The days when I watched Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy greet those fans at Love Field with huge smiles on their faces shortly before tragedy struck. The day our world-as we knew it-changed forever. Where are our heroes today? What happened to our hope? The family in this book is the hope-the optimism-that we all possess. We must never let them take away our aspirations. And that is the key for our world’s survival which will conquer any criminal force.

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