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What is it about Area 51 that makes it so secretive?

How was it possible that the government kept what happened there in 1949 from the public opinion for almost 40 years? Why are they so afraid to reveal the truth? Do you know many of the people that were involved in this events eventually spoke?, despite of having signed secrecy agreements with the government? Why are there so many different contradictory versions about what happened there? Do you want to dive deep and have enough information to formulate your own conclusions?

Some of the things you will learn from this book are:

– The different versions of the story – Why was there people telling completely different things around the same event? – Why some people, and even important newspapers, were changing their version of what happened that day? – What happened to people who did dare to tell the truth? – How was the mystery revealed after so many years? Find answer to these and many other questions about by reading this book. Are going to seat and believe everything your government is telling you? Or are you going to become an informed person and find your own conclusions? Why are they hiding this important truth from us? Download this book NOW and reveal many of the secrets kept away from the public for over half a century. P.S. The answers you will find inside the book might completely change the way you see the and phenomena.

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