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Mental illness or MK Ultra Mind Control? How real is it? The author, a Light Worker named Skye and otherwise remaining anonymous, suggests it’s a darker ET energy force over the planet, which arrives in many forms and combines the Archon Network to target the mentally ill, drug abusers, entertainers, and people of power.

Some consider this prophecy!

In the depth of despair, the author was greeted by inner-therefore-outer, off-planet Light Beings sent by Source, to help her understand the network, the “Path to Enlightenment,” and to prepare the planet for changes. She has lived through the devastating effects of her daughter’s drug abuse, which lowers one’s energy around his or her body, allowing darker energies to come forth. If untreated, it can cause increase destruction to the fragile energy around one’s body, making him or her susceptible to control with modern-day shadow government technology now know to be used by Hitler in WWII.

A heartbreaking true story, follow the author as she fights to save her daughter’s life and discovers her life mission as translator for the universe to inform as many people as she can about the planetary changes to come.

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