50 Real American Ghost Stories: A journey into the haunted history of the United States – 1800 to 1899 Price:  $7.61 (as of 05/12/2023 22:16 PST- Details)



Bestselling author and ghost historian MJ Wayland explores America’s haunted heritage. As well as visiting some of the most famous ghost cases of the time, the author also uncovers ghost stories that have never seen print in over a hundred and fifty years!
From the downright chilling, to scary and the weird, this collection of REAL ghost stories is ideal for a Halloween thrill or an insight into a unique haunted history.
The real life ghost cases include:
Faces in the Windows
The Haunted Bedstead
The Ghost Clock of Boston
Poor Bessie Brown
The Jonah
Three Stories of Hauntings
Good News for Ghosts
Des Moines’s Plague of Ghosts
Shooting a Ghost
A Live Spook
The Return of Dr. Jewel
Forbes Manor
Ghosts in the Capitol
Jonelle Lambkin Rings the Bell
Mrs. Warfield’s Haunted House
Mumler’s Spirit Photography
Scared to Death by a Ghost
The Bones of Timothy Felt
A Ghost Hunt of Louisville
The Ghost of Henry Smith
Giant Ghost of Benton
A Real life Daphne and Velma – Sixty Years Before!
The Haunted Chamber
Investigation of a haunted church
The Haunting of Clara Robertson
Hoffman Family Poltergeist
Indiana Ghost Frenzy
The Tipton Ghost
An Indianapolis Haunted House
Piano-Maker’s Ghost
The Restless Spirit of Flatbush
Return of the Union Officer
In Search of a Spectral Calf
Unseen Terror of Dubuque
The White Mountain Ghost of Lizzie Bourne
A Séance Too Far
Benjamin Stiver’s Ghost Attack!
The Big Joke
Death by Ghost
A Civil War Ghost Story

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