Untempered Mortar: A Time for Moral Leaders (Volume 1)

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The Democrats want to keep paying out money even if we have no money. We can print more, they seem to think. The Republican’s are cutting entire programs, many of which the average citizen is dependent on, while approving the same old contracts to “select” government contractors. No one is saying, “hey lets cut this 20% across the board.” Just cut entirely, or don’t cut at all. “Lets cut that position, but lets create a toll road system in North Carolina without the people voting on it to hire road workers. Who cares if it might impact small business owners. ” Small business owners pay the taxes and create the revenues, but who cares. We can print more money, they ignorantly think. We need some Independent Candidates in office, who will do what is right for all America, instead of what is selfishly right for those in charge. And we as American citizens need to step up and help out. We need to work harder and smarter than ever. We need to take care of our families. The word “family” is being construed to mean whatever exists (just watch modern television). A mother, a father, and children rarely live together. Communities are full of transient people; in fact most people who live in a community do not even know the names of their next door neighbor. Senior leaders of government and business are constantly in the paper for unethical behavior, which includes a lot of lewd conduct including child molestation, adultery, stealing, and embezzlement: but never for just lying. No one ever accuses a senior executive of simply lying anymore, although they do it more and more every day, and will continue. And, in some cases, it is like it is necessary. It is like senior executives are expected to lie or cheat; and no one cares. Teachers in Atlanta, Georgia think it is more important to cheat to raise test scores, than to be on the level. A girl in Oakland, California is raped in front of crowd by at least 6 men in front of a crowd at a football game, and no one calls for help until 30 minutes after she is laying on the ground unable to get up. Legislators in Washington pass a Gay Marriage Law, without having the people vote on it. The year 2012 is a spectacular time of change and movement in the world. Unusual weather, earthquakes, economic instability, government and business bankruptcy, terrorism, rogue pirates, large number of fish and bird death for no reason; what does it all mean? Homosexuality is being voted in as legal by many states and even the Federal Government says it is alright, even though most states have laws that make sodomy illegal. Oral and Anal sex are still illegal in North Carolina. So, the soldier who wants to be openly gay outside a military base in North Carolina, is actually breaking the law when he has sex with his partner. What changed in 2 years? Only God has the answers. We have moved God to act throughout history by our thoughts and actions. Are we getting ready to see the greatest movement ever in the history of the world?

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