UFO Crashes, Retrievals and Government Cover-ups



crashes and their retrieval by highly specialized teams often includes recovery of bodies and on some occasion those that are still alive! We may be able to consider this book to be DISCLOSURE! Although it is not direct disclosure from a government official, but it indirect disclosure based on the actions of the government. The government’s own actions prove unequivocally that UFOs and aliens are real, let me explain: There are the testimonies of a number of whistle-blowers who claim to have participated in UFO crash retrieval operations or participated in a number of highly classified extraterrestrial related projects. I believe that this is the most complete and revealing UFO book yet, it’s like an encyclopedia of UFO crashes, close to 200 of them and covering several thousand years! You are not going to believe your eyes as you read about amazing discoveries, cover-ups and revelations by government insiders. All the details and descriptions of these UFOs will amaze you! Did you realize that after one retrieval, the crew of the truck carrying the recovered UFO, were found dead on the highway outside of the truck? And did you know that our UFO retrieval teams have been known to go to other countries and snatch up downed UFOs and any wreckage and bodies before the local military can investigate? At one retrieval site, it was revealed that the military was under orders to shoot anyone that got close enough to see the downed UFO! (This is probably the standard operating procedure for these teams.)

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