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The Journey of The Dead continues along Trinity Road … July 1947: Two years of captivity conclude with bitter redemption when the ultimate sacrifice liberates twenty-one Trinity Test survivors from the clandestine government facility known as Area L. Sarah and her companions savor their freedom as they seek a new beginning and a new life. However, they soon realize that the cataclysmic event that disrupted their past has also forever changed their future. When returning home proves an impossible dream, Sarah’s family begins a new journey along a road paved with both celebration and suffering. Altered physically beyond recognition, they fight for their lives as they are hunted by the Council, threatened by society, and rejected by relatives who believe them long dead. Facing unforeseen challenges in their struggles to survive and to remain free, the Trinity family flees the past for a destination yet unknown. Along the way, they find that gaining hard-earned liberty is not so much the costly and victorious conclusion of a war as it is the commencement of a lifelong journey … that even freedom, however it is defined, has limitations … and that the worst of times bring out the best in people who focus on those qualities of life – faith, hope, determination, and love – that matter most of all. From the Roswell Incident to the Mantell Incident, from Area L to , prominent events are a curtain behind which a family of ordinary people live extraordinary lives apart from a world of individuals who are fascinated with technology, impatient for medical advancements, and unaware that the aliens they have encountered are not aliens after all.

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