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Paranormal Activity In EXTREMELY Haunted Abandoned House | Thats Classified.com

When it comes to exploring haunted locations, expectations often vary. Some people anticipate a quiet night with minimal activity, while others hope for a more thrilling experience. However, there are instances when the events that unfold are so unexpected and chilling that they leave even the most seasoned paranormal investigators stunned. This article delves into one such real paranormal encounter at a haunted house, an experience that defies explanation and challenges our understanding of the supernatural realm.

Setting the Scene

The haunted house in question is a dilapidated structure, long abandoned and shrouded in local folklore. Known for its unsettling atmosphere and a history marred by tragedy, the house has been the subject of numerous investigations. Yet, what occurred during this particular visit was unprecedented.

The Investigation

Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, including electromagnetic field (EMF) meters, infrared cameras, and digital audio recorders, the team commenced their investigation. The initial hours were uneventful, with only minor fluctuations in EMF readings and occasional cold spots. However, as the night progressed, the activity escalated.

The Encounter

  1. Auditory Phenomena: The first sign of heightened activity was the capture of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), where indistinct whispers were heard on the audio recordings.
  2. Visual Anomalies: Next, the infrared cameras picked up unexplained movements—shadowy figures that seemed to dart across rooms.
  3. Physical Sensations: The climax of the investigation came when team members reported feeling touched or pushed by invisible forces.

Analyzing the Evidence

Upon reviewing the collected data, the team was astounded by the clarity of the EVPs and the unambiguous nature of the visual anomalies. The physical sensations experienced were corroborated by multiple team members, adding weight to the evidence.


The events that transpired during this investigation challenge conventional skepticism and add a compelling chapter to the annals of paranormal research. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, the evidence presented in this real paranormal encounter is difficult to dismiss.


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